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What is Genius Pipe?

Genius is a multifunctional device designed for flower and oil consumption, used by modern consumers around the world for enhanced taste and unique user experience.

Genius Explained

1Sleek, Discreet Design

Genius is your everyday sidekick, with an elegant, discreet design that's crafted to suit your on-the-go lifestyle.

2Pack & Go

The Genius Slider keeps material stored discreetly in the chamber ready for use and stops odor from escaping.

3Cools & Filters

Dimpled surface inside the Genius churns particles through thousands of micro-vortices for extreme cooling and WATER-FREE filtration.

4Preserves Flavor & Aroma

Used by judges at strain competitions, Genius brings out authentic flavor and aroma for each strain.

5 Star Genius Experience

Genius Pipe Water Pipe Glass Pipe Vaporizer
Taste Integrity
Smell Proof
Spill Proof
Ease of Cleaning
Ease of Use

Genius Tribe

Together we are ONE. In the new economy of abundance, we should all be working toward common goal. Join the movement and help us grow by contributing your time, your energy, your GENIUS.

Being part of the movement creates opportunities to grow for every ONE. This is reflected in Genius karma.