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Genius Is The Best Travel Pipe On The Market

Your water pipe is your preferred way of smoking but do you ever wish you could take it with you when you’re out with friends, going on a hike, or just need to relax? Nobody wants to walk around with a bulky, dirty, fragile piece of glass in their pocket, or drag a bong around. Not to mention vaporizers running out of battery at the worst moments, so what do you do? 

Look no further for the solution to all your on-the-go smoking problems. The Genius Pipe has your back. This pipe is like no other, with a sleek, all metal design that splits in half for easy cleaning at home or outdoors. Once you take the Genius Pipe out on the town with you, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gotten your hands on it sooner! 


Best Travel Pipe

What exactly is it that makes this pipe so perfect for travelling far and wide? To start out, the Genius is super thin and easy to slip into a pocket or purse. At only 6 inches long, and about the same thickness as a cigarette, it’s easily one of the most discreet ways to use your herb on any excursion. Whereas a regular glass pipe will be easy to notice in your pocket and cannot hold your smoking material on-the-go, the Genius is much easier to take with you and won’t have a piece of glass digging into your thigh; you may not even notice it in your pocket! Plus you can pre-pack your bowl and slide the cover closed to keep your herb safe inside.


Another way the Genius Pipe blows its competition away is its construction. The whole pipe is made of anodized aluminum instead of glass, so you won’t have to worry about dropping or sitting on it like you would with an average piece. We all know how many poor glass pipes’ and bongs’ lives are cut short by a sudden introduction with the floor. Broken or cracked vaporizer containers are messy and a huge waste of money.

Do you really want something made out of a material as fragile as glass or do you want a durable piece that you can bet will take a few knicks and scratches? Get yourself a Genius and save the time spent sweeping broken pieces and the financial burden of countless replacements. 


The anodized aluminum composition of the Genius Pipe not only makes it more resistant to shatters and cracks, but its entire body splits easily into 3 pieces, making cleaning it an absolute breeze. The bottom and middle plate are held together by 8 strong magnets that can be pulled apart to expose the air chamber and all its little golf-ball reminiscent dimples inside. Where a glass pipe may take some finagling with a cotton swab and some paper clips, the Genius just takes a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol, or recommended Genius Sponge and Genius Cleaner. 


Can anyone out there say they’ve cleaned a glass pipe in under a minute? 


You can see in the video those little dimples mentioned before. These pits are not just for show, but actually work together so that when the plates are pressed back together and smoked through, small vortexes happen within each of those divots, slowing down and cooling the smoke before it hits your mouth. 

Cooler smoke means less damage to your lungs and throat, less coughing, and a much smoother hit. This pipe isn't named Genius for nothing, after all. 

Another benefit of all the vortexes inside is that they catch more of the tar and impurities that may end up in your mouth or lungs when using a traditional pipe. Genius calls this their “waterless filter” system and it’s a really clever way of giving its users cleaner, softer hits. 


Genius Travel Pipe

One of the most interesting benefits you get from using a Genius Pipe is its magnetic slide on top, which can be used to contain a freshly packed bowl. This not only prevents any spilling, for easy on-the-go smoking, but will also hide the smell so you don’t have to worry about a lingering scent following you everywhere you go. 

When you want to get your pipe ready for a quick hit later, simply: 

  • Get your smoking material. 
  • Slide open the magnetic cover. 
  • Pack your bowl as much or as little as you'd like. 
  • Slide the cover back into place. 
  • Start moving! 

If the super-thin concealability of it isn’t enough, it also covers the smell when it’s packed and covered, so you can covertly smoke in peace. When it’s time to take a hit all you need to do is:  

  • Take the Genius out of your pocket, bag, or purse. 
  • Slide the cover so part or all of the bowl is exposed. 
  • Ignite the bowl, and inhale! 

From that point, you can either finish the bowl completely, and pack another, or slide the cover back on, extinguishing the bowl and saving it for later. This makes for one of the easiest, most intuitive, and personalized smoking experiences you can get. And the best part is that it all fits in your pocket.


Once again, let’s review why you should think about taking the Genius Pipe with you on your next expedition: 


Genius Pipe





Sleek and discreet 

Bulky and uncomfortable 

Very bulky and uncomfortable

Some may be small


Scratch resistant and strong 

Easily break 

Very easily break

Cartridge may crack

Ease of Cleaning

Under 1 minute to clean 

Difficult to clean

Very difficult to clean

Very difficult to clean

Hit Quality

Smooth, clean hits

Harsher, dirtier hits 

Very harsh hits

Smooth hits


Overall, the Genius Pipe is a great alternative to a traditional pipe, and makes the perfect trekking companion for all your bud smoking needs. Whether it’s in your pocket, in a bag, or being passed from hand to hand with your buddies, this pipe proves itself to be, in every way, the superior travel pipe.