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Genius Ground

2 grams of Genius CBD flower 

Comes in exclusive Genius Vessel

What is Genius Ground
- ONLY the best parts of the flower (all stems removed before the grinding begins)
- Fluffy and uniform medium size (unique grinding surface)
- Optimal for using with Genius Pipe (best for optimal burning in the Genius bowl)

What is Genius CBD
- Unique Genetics
- Calming effect and sleep help
- Helpful cannabinoids 

- Can be added to your THC flower to enhance the Entourage Effect of any strain or hybrid 

Product Name: Genius Ground
Product Type: CBD flower
Product Release Date: 8.28.23
Product Batch: GG-CBD-02
Batch Name: Genius Calm

How is this Batch is Unique:

- Manual bud picking and grind by Genius team
- One of a kind collection of glass jewelry by Genius artists (Genius Vessels)
- Properly aged Genius-grown CBD cannabis strain 

NOTE: This product is for adult use only and will be shipped upon authorization within 2 weeks after the order. #staylifted