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Genius Lighters

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The New Genius Lighter, with optional Kasher multi-purpose tool, gives you the perfect companion for your Genius Pipe or other cherished smoking gear.

Clipper lighters have been a staple in the lighter world for more than 50 years because of their 100% unique user-friendly designs. Clipper lighters are round and feature a removable flint housing. The bottom of the housing even comes out to allow access to the flint for replacement, so you can refill the butane and the flint and keep this lighter going.

Add a stainless steel Kasher multi-purpose tool with a thickness of 0.8mm that fits snugly onto the lighter, making it stand out from other lighter accessories. Kasher’s design features a thick and durable metal tip that resists bending or breaking.

Always at your fingertips, this multi-purpose lighter tool will help to make any tasks quicker and easier. 

The high-style design combined with the convenient built-in tool provides a compact all-in-one solution that’s a “must-have” for those who crave function and fashion.