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Why Is Genius The Ultimate Smoking Pipe?

Why Is Genius The Ultimate Smoking Pipe?


Genius Pipe is the all-in one solution for the modern smoker when compared to other devices.  See for yourself why the Genius Pipe is the best pipe on the market!  This is your new daily device for every activity and is perfect for day-to-night excursions, sporting events, concerts, travel, parties, or any occasion where you want a 5-Star smoking experience.

It’s rare to find a single smoking apparatus that can outcompete in every category, but the Genius Pipe was designed to be the only pipe you will ever need. It’s easy to see why the Genius Pipe excels in the smoking community:

Ease of Use:

How The Genius Pipe Works

The Genius Pipe is comprised of three main pieces: the dimpled bottom layer attaches to the sleek middle layer with the flower bowl, forming the passageway for the vapor, and the slider, which holds the flower in place or slides up for access to the bowl of flower.

To use the Genius Pipe:

  1.       Move the slider up to reveal the built-in bowl
  2.       Place some ground flower into the Genius bowl
  3.       Using a lighter or lit hemp wick, vaporize your desired amount of flower while inhaling through the mouthpiece at the bottom of the Genius Pipe
  4.       Taste the terpenes and exhale
  5.       Move the slider all the way down when finished to close the pipe

It really is that easy to use, which is why it has 5 out of 5 stars for Ease of Use.

Taste Integrity and Smoke Smoothness:

The interior of the Genius Pipe contains a series of dimples that cause wind vortices within the pipe, which cools the smoke and allows you “to experience original flavor and aroma just like nature intended!” And it won’t even make you cough. These wind vortices are why the Genius Pipe is rated 5 out of 5 stars for both Taste Integrity and Smoke Smoothness and why the Genius Pipe is “used by judges at strain competitions.”


The Genius Pipe is an aluminum Swiss army knife for smokers that want to enjoy flavorful hit on the go without lugging around water or making a mess. The Genius Pipe is waterless and the slider traps both the smoking material and the aroma inside the pipe. It’s the size of a small TV remote and fits in most pockets and purses. These features have earned Genius Pipe 5 out of 5 stars for Portability.


The anodized aluminum components of the Genius Pipe can withstand intense heat, are naturally corrosion resistant, and can be engineered to be as strong as steel. Since the Genius Pipe is made of anodized aluminum, it’s durable enough to take it backpacking, rock climbing, on vacation – pretty much anywhere. That’s why it has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars for Durability.

Smell Proof, Spill Proof, and Discreet

The Genius Pipe slider can come in multiple styles. We recommend the V Syndicate slider because of its built-in grinder and dab tool, somehow making this pipe even more versatile. Remove the slider, grind your smoking material like a cheese grater, place it in the bowl and voila!

When the slider is in the closed position it acts as a cover for the pipe, effectively trapping the smoking material in place within the bowl and also trapping any aroma inside the pipe. There are also slider options specifically to increase the stealth of the pipe. The ingenious slider is what earns the Genius Pipe a 5 out of 5 stars for Smell Proof, Spill Proof and Discreetness, especially when compared to a water bong or a wood/glass pipe.

Ease of Cleaning:

The Genius Pipe is also incredibly easy to clean. Each component of the pipe detaches and the aluminum design makes it both safe and easy to clean with a sponge and recommended Genius Cleaner which is specifically developed for the Genius Pipe.

Genius Accessories

In addition to these 9 categories, the Genius Pipe deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 stars for Versatility. Not only can you use various sliders to increase the pipes functionality, you can use additional attachments with the Genius Pipe to enlarge the bowl and even turn it into a waterless dab rig.

For those that need a larger bowl than the pipe comes with, there’s a magnetic party bowl attachment that gives you enough space for up to 8 conservative hits. 

Genius comes in many styles and designs including classic or vibrant colors as well as special edition graphics. There’s also amini version!

Dabbers can also purchase a ‘G-stone,’ or a ceramic sponge, that can absorb and vaporize concentrates without using a torch or e-nail. All you need is a lighter or hemp-wick. Because of the waterless wind vortices in the Genius Pipe, the G-stone provides a very flavorful and smooth dab. Dabbers can also purchase the Genius Water-Free Dab Rig for an entire kit of dab tools and goodies for your Genius Pipe.

If you don’t believe us when we tell you how amazing the Genius Pipe is, we encourage you to check out our customer reviews.