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"Lit" Box


Join the 3D revolution! 

It is official: we live in the future. AI is here to stay... but what about us? 

Where and how will we live and create our things? 

Here at Genius we think that being able to 3D print virtually anything will enable sustainable and decentralized society of the future. 

Indeed, imagine if you could live anywhere on the planet and be able to walk into your Makers room and print yourself a cellphone, or a Genius pipe, or a hamburger. 

So... why not start this future today?

That's what we thought. 

And started our Makers room where we will be making all kinds of Genius 3Ds

First product we are 3D printing is called Genius Lit Box.

This spectacular portable storage solution will hold your stash, a Genius pipe, a grinder, a lighter, papers, and much more.

It is easy to find in the dark room and the lid of the box also serves as a great rolling tray! 

Please visit our website or social often as we will be going in depth into different techniques and materials we will be using for 3D printing and are excited to share with the Tribe our experiences printing in granite, steel, and all kinds of wood!

Product Name: "Lit" Genius BOX 

Launch Date: 02/27/23

Material: Glow-in-the-dark polymer

Size: 8 inch x 5 inch x 1 inch

 * pipe and other accessories for display only and are not included