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Dear Genius users and fans around the World, 

Due to recent COVID19 (SARS-COV2) virus outbreak and further pandemic expansion, Genius made certain inquiries into potential treatment of near-death cases and containment of the virus. 

Genius has been formed to be a part of Cannabis movement and the industry. It is only reasonable that in looking for treatment options Genius research would turn to Cannabis plant and various cannabinoids, such as Delta-9, CB(1), CB(2), CBD, etc for possible solutions. 

“How cannabinoids can help in treatment of the virus, as well as virus-related complications and effects” – has been the main subject of the research. 


1. It has been found that the main cause of death from the virus is lung complications, followed by immune system overresponse 
2. It has been found that immune system overresponse, also known as Cytokine Storm, leads to collapse of vital organs resulting in many fatal and critical cases 
3. It has been found that Cytokine Storm’s dynamics can be altered and, in many cases, haltered by use of cannabinoids 
4. It has been found that the fastest way to deliver cannabinoids into the body system is through blood circulation or direct lungs inhalation  
5. Genius possesses delivery devices such as cannabinoids tinctures for under the tongue application and a line of Genius devices for optimal cannabinoid inhalation 


We welcome you all to read the facts collected here and conduct your own research into the matter. We further urge medical community to look into immediate trials. 

Our argument is as follows: 

1. Cannabis is arguably the oldest medical drug that is widely used globally 

2. Cannabis has virtually no overdose risks as our own bodies produce cannabinoids as well 

3. Cannabis is available everywhere where the virus is spreading while other drugs might not 

4. Cannabis is FREE (Anyone Can Grow)

***** WARNING ***** 

Please note that according to the above sources Cannabis MAY NOT be beneficial in the early and main stages of the virus development. According to these studies, Cannabis suppresses immune system response in certain situations and thus can be effective in case of immune system overresponse, but not when body’s immune system working normally. 

***** WARNING ***** 

For all you Genius users out there we also recommend treating your Genius as your personal device and don’t forget to clean it often with alcohol. 

Please stay safe and check back often for further updates. 

Genius One, Inc.