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The Water-Free Water Pipe

The Genius Pipe cools and filters like a water-pipe, without the water. So you can smoke anywhere without coughing or burning your lungs. 

 You may already know that terpenes provide the unique character and taste of different kinds of cannabis.

With Genius, you will taste every cannabis strain you try with all the flavor intact, because Genius cooling technology doesn't remove terpenes like a bong.

With viruses and bacteria lurking on surfaces...

Don’t you deserve to smoke as safely as possible? 

The best practice during the COVID-19 crisis is to have a personal pipe and to keep it well-sanitized.

The Genius Pipe is the top choice for these times, because it can be thoroughly disinfected inside and out, in a matter of seconds. 

If staying safe is important to you, you’ll love our water-free filtration system. The Genius Pipe cools and filters your smoke like a water-pipe to protect your lungs and throat. But unlike a water-pipe, the Genius Pipe does not trap bacteria or remove terpenes, so the taste of every strain is preserved.

You can purchase the best-selling Top Secret Stealth right now.

Or you can browse our selection of classic, mini and limited pipes to find the one that’s just right for you.