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Coronavirus and Marijuana

We all need to practice social distancing, proper hand-washing, self-quarantining and disinfecting services.

Until this situation changes, cannabis users should avoid joints, blunts, glass pipes and bongs, which are difficult to clean thoroughly and in some cases require water in which germs, bacteria and viruses can lurk. 

The best practice during the COVID-19 crisis is to have a personal pipe and to keep it well-sanitized. 

When it comes to sanitizing, the Genius Pipe is a top choice for these times, because it can be opened up in seconds and allows every internal and external surface to be thoroughly disinfected in a matter of seconds.

What You Can Do

See how easy it is to keep a Genius Pipe Clean!

GENIUS PIPE: #1 Most Sanitary Personal Cannabis Pipe


With the Genius Pipe as well as other metal devices, cleaning every surface with isopropyl alcohol is recommended. 

For glass pipes, boiling may be the best way to disinfect, but many people do not clean their pipes often enough because of the time required for boiling and drying.

Discover the merits of an easily cleanable metal pipe that cools and filters.

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