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For social and other influencers / Genius Giveaway #3

Genius Limited

Terms and Conditions

Am I qualified to run Genius Giveaway?

Any business, organization, or individual with over 100k followers is eligible to apply. Note that Genius reserves the right to approve or decline any application.

Giveaway Rules

What do I get?

Two Genius Limited pipes. One is for you to try, test, and brag about and the other one is to give away.

What do I need to do?

Send us your idea for Genius Giveaway. It should be a quick summary of how you plan to host the event, including what media platform you will use to ghost the giveaway, the dates the event will run, and what, if anything, your followers will need to do to enter. 

How the winner is determined?

At the end of the Giveaway select a winner and send them their free Genius Limited pipe.  The Winner must be over 21 to qualify.


For every 10,000 Shares (or the platform equivalent) of your Genius Giveaway post you will receive extra Genius Limited pipe

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