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Stay Strong And Let's #GENIUSTOGETHER

It is important for us to come together and unify in times of uncertainty. 

As part of the Genius family, every one of us contributes something valuable to the community. 

That is why we have decided to start this event. 

For the first time since our launch 5 years ago, we are offering our products to fans at half price. 

We think it's more important, now more than ever, to allow everyone the ability to own a piece of the Genius collection for themselves. 

Let's unite across the globe from inside our homes - we are always a thriving community, regardless of circumstance. 

Stay strong and let's #GENIUSTOGETHER

Can't Puff & Pass Because of Covid-19

Get A Genius Pipe

Genius is the most sanitary pipe on the market today! 

 To help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we want everyone to own one!

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See how easy it is to keep a Genius Pipe Clean!

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"Thankfully, there are certain pieces coming to the market that are designed with flavor and easy cleaning in mind, such as the Genius Pipe."

Weedmaps: How To Avoid Germs During Your Next Sesh, October 7, 2019