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Welcome to the campaign application form for Genius Pipe.  Below you will find more information about the campaign, and what's expected from you.

What is Genius Pipe?

Genius Pipe is a high-end, technologically unique smoking devices suitable for a variety of substances that deliver a unique smoking experience for discriminating consumers.

Our Product:

Key features include:

  • Sleek, Discreet Design
Genius Pipe has an elegant, discreet design that’s crafted to suit anyone’s busy lifestyle.  Looks like a fashionable accessory, not a pipe.
  • Pack & Go Slider
The Genius Pipe’s unique Dab slider keeps smoking material stored discreetly in the chamber and stops odor from escaping.
  • Cools & Filters Smoke
The Genius Pipe has a patented dimpled surface that churns smoke through thousands of micro-vortices for cooling and water-free filtration. The result: Never cough or burn your lungs and throat again.
  • Preservers Flavor & Aroma
The Genius Pipe is the ultimate tasting pipe, preferred by professionals to preserve the natural taste and aroma of smoking materials.

More Details:

To learn more, check out this explainer video from HERB which demonstrates the product:



What We Like:

Here are some past successful campaigns that have performed exceptionally well in impressions, likes, engagement and sales:




Promote the giveaway and show how the pipe works.  Genius is a super exciting smoking accessory that is often regarded as an "iPhone of pipes" and "the way of the future". Your followers will appreciate a chance to win one. Genius sells at a higher price point than basic pipes because it is packed with incredible features (above) that are unique only to our device. The price point of our pipes are comparable to the market for higher end vaporizers and bongs so we know customers will spend more for uniqueness and quality.

We don’t want to give too many restrictions, we want you to cater to your audience and do what works best for you.

Giveaway Rules & Process:

  1. Submit your information in the form below
  2. We will send you a pipe within a week
  3. Run a giveaway (usually 1 to 3 weeks)
  4. Genius will share your content across its platforms while your giveaway is running
  5. Once your giveaway is complete we will randomly pick a winner and reach out to them, we will also let you know their info


Sales and Brand Awareness.  We want you to make a ton of money!

Key Messages:

  • Worth Spending A Little More For A Great Pipe/Experience
  • Sleek, Discreet Design
  • Cools & Filters Smoke (No-Cough)
  • Preservers Flavor & Aroma
  • Pack & Go (Easy)


Key Hashtags:

Make sure to use these HASHTAGS:  #geniuspipe #geniustribe #geniussummer #waterfree #coughless #filtration #geniusmini #giveaway

Preferred Outlet:

We would love it if you could promote on multiple platforms.  That has proven to be more successful for our influencers in the past.  Essentially, use the platform that has yielded the most success for you and the one in which you believe you can generate the most sales.


Your posts, video's and stories should be posted/shared within 2 weeks of receiving your pipe.



Submit the form below and we will follow with additional instructions and timelines to post.  



  • 8% of sales through our Influencer Affiliate Program. 
  • Product: You will get a free Genius Pipe (worth $99).
  • Your content that you provide will be shared on our channels to help you gain our followers.