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GENIUS HERBAL BLEND is an aromatic food-grade herbal blend, crafted for maximum smoking pleasure. This blend contains no tobacco, cannabis or THC and is perfect for mellowing or enhancing any herbal flavor profile. 

Genius Herbal Blend flavor packs come in a 28-gram reusable puck, vacuum-sealed for lasting freshness. With a smooth, natural flavor and stem-free, finely-sifted texture, Genius Herbal blend is perfect for everyday smoking, without inherent psychoactive effects or chemical ingredients.

Genius’s hand-crafted 100% organic herbal blend can be used as rolling filler or smoked on its own.

The proprietary blend contains mullein, raspberry leaves, chamomile, and marshmallow. The blend is ground to perfection and ready to add to your mix. When you taste it, you will say “this is Genius.”

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