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Grape Escape (GK)


Here is your chance to test out the revolutionary Genius 5.0 "The CryptoPipe"  

How is it revolutionary? On the outside it looks identical to our 4.5 model. It has all the signature features that made Genius Pipe so famous. It's water- free filtration, magnetic smell proof cover and Trutaste screen you've always enjoyed. However, inside is hidden QR code that leads to your pipe's own page, on

Once you get your hands on the next generation Genius Pipe, the page will belong to you. On this page you'll be able to share your Genius moments with other Genius owners, while earning Karma for every post. Much like in the social network, you will be able to invite your friends and be a part of the ever-growing  Genius Community.

Here is the fun part. Genius Karma is our own digital currency that can be redeemed in the Karma Store for exclusive products or exchanged for Bitcoin. 

Earning Bitcoin by smoking a pipe?  Now, that's Genius!  

Release Date: 05/18/18
Version: 5.0

Includes: One Genius TruTaste screen, EVOLUTION Slider. Ready-to-Use.

LOVE IT or your money back!