Discreet Packaging

Our pipes are shipped in discreet, inconspicuous packages and the label says Genius One. The size of a typical package is about  10in x 8in and it fits into a standard mailbox. Nowhere on the package does it say that it's a pipe. Our customer's privacy is our priority.


We cannot guarantee same day shipping. It may take us time to fill your order and get it ready for shipping. We understand you are excited and want to get your pipe sooner, and we are excited as well for you to receive it. We are working as fast as we can to get your order out promptly. Bear with us.

Shipping options

For now we are only using the USPS to deliver your orders. We offer Standard, Priority and Priority Express options for domestic and international orders. Please understand that we don’t have control over the USPS. If your package hasn’t been delivered on time, please contact your local post office for refund. We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail.

We also cannot calculate and charge you in advance for any duty and/or Customs fees that may be incurred. They are assessed by your country’s Customs Office and are your responsibility. We ship worldwide.

Coughing when smoking Genius Pipe

If you just received your new Genius pipe, took the first draw and started coughing, you are pulling on the pipe too hard and too fast. We suggest that you take a couple of slow careful breaths through an unloaded pipe just to get a feel how the air is flowing. You'll notice that Genius provides no resistance, so there is no need to suck the air as you would smoking through a glass or other pipe. By pulling on the pipe too strongly you are not letting the smoke to cool and filter properly and also getting a bigger draw than your lungs can handle. That would definitely make you cough. Try to adjust your breathing and make lighter, slower pulls. You should feel the difference immediately.


If you are not 100% satisfied with Genius Pipe, please send it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Please include your address, e-mail and order number with the returned product to ensure a quick refund. We do not charge a restocking fee.

When you mail your pipe to us we recommend keeping the tracking number on file. Genius is not responsible for lost or misdirected returns.

For shipping information of the warehouse near you please email us at info@GeniusPipe.com

Wear and tear are expected and not covered by the warranty, as well as superficial scratches and dents/bends. Otherwise, we guarantee that Genius pipe will functionally work for you forever. If treated with care your Genius pipe can stay in your family and be passed over to other generations, being one of those unique products whose value increases over time.

When applying for warranty coverage please provide the original proof of purchase, i.e. purchase confirmation you received from GeniusPipe.com and/or the original certificate with your Genius serial number. We should be able to locate you in our database. Due to many of our models being limited editions, if we can’t fix your pipe, we’ll replace it with whatever closest model we have in stock.

Lost or stolen Genius pipe

We understand that Genius is arguably the most stolen item. We receive pleas from our customers whose pipe has been stolen from campsites, cars, apartments, pulled from their luggage, confiscated by police, or simply lost.We understand how attached you could have grown to your pipe and what a bummer it must be to suddenly find yourself without it. If your pipe has initially been purchased through GeniusPipe.com we’ll try to help. Write us at support@GeniusPipe.com and we’ll see what current promotions we have to offer you to help you get another pipe.


I’ve heard about Genius pipe but cannot find it in my local store.

Genius pipe, as of now, is sold to 23 countries but we still have a lot of ground to cover. If you’d like to see Genius in your neighborhood store, you are in luck, because we have a program for you. Contact us at Support@GeniusPipe.com or PM us on Facebook.com/GeniusPipe or simply go to GeniusPipe.com, create an account and apply for your personal discount code. Give this code to your local store. This code offers your local store free shipping on their first order of Genius pipe. Help your favorite store to be the first to carry Genius products and you will receive gratitude not only from them but from us as well. For each wholesale order submitted with your personal discount code we’ll send you a free pipe. Your personal discount code can also be used by you or your friends.

What is Beta Tester Personal Discount Code? How do I get one?

Beta Tester code is your personal discount code. Right now it offers 15% discount on any of our pipes purchased at GeniusPipe.com. But since we constantly introduce new campaigns its value may change :) Make sure to like our Facebook page and get updates on all our Beta Testers campaigns.   

You can SHARE this code with your family, friends and followers via social media channels you use (FB, MassRoots, IG or others) or use it yourself. Every 3 times your code is used to buy pipes at http://GeniusPipe.com we'll send you a new Genius Pipe to test!

We give them to you hoping to hear back from you about your experiences :) Just cover shipping, we ship Worldwide! To request your own code contact us via Support@GeniusPipe.com, Facebook.com/GeniusPipe or login and create your own account at GeniusPipe.com and request your personal discount code.

Do you offer wholesale prices

Yes, we do! Please contact us at Wholesale@GeniusPipe.com or call (415)496-9898.

How Genius models are different

One of the things that makes us different from most of other companies is that we actively involve Genius community in our development cycle. Most of Genius owners are in fact our Beta testers. We listen and take in consideration their feedback and note the things that they like or dislike. We keep improving our product, starting with Beta 1.0 to Beta 4.0 Watch Genius evolution video here 

Genius Beta 3.0 Series

Sometimes you can see previous generation Genius models surface up and become available on our site or EBay store. These models are from our Limited Collections, that have been privately owned and are highly sought after. Models from 3.0 series are different from those currently produced by Genius in many ways. They were manufactured through an intricate casting process and mainly came in two types of electroplated finish, Chrome and Gunmetal. These pipes had excellent cooling effect.

Genius Beta 4.0 Series

These are our next generation models currently featured on our site. Unlike the previous version that was casted, these pipes are machined from medical grade aluminum with ultimate precision. These models are known for their clean lines and improved airflow that creates that perfect draw. The process also allows us to add more color finishes and custom designs. The anodized surface is healthier and more scratch resistant.

While the functionality of all our 4.0 pipes is the same, there are different collections that are available.

Genius Classic

This is our flagship collection that includes some of the first designs we ever created: Yin Yang, Top Secret and High Expectations. These models feature Art Deco style and are widely popular among our authorized retailers. You may spot them in your local store.

Genius Color Collection

In this collection we started experimenting with colors. Each and everyone of us have their favorite color. We wanted to find those colors. In the spirit of crowdsourcing we reached out to our fans through our social media channels. All the colors and names for the models in our Color Collection were suggested by our fans, making this a truly crowdsourced project.

Genius Limited Collection

We saw Genius as an open canvas. So we thought we can use it to bring you works of art. Modern and classic, these works of fine art became a part of your everyday live, inspiring conversations and engaging friends. This collection is fluid and changes frequently. Pipes featured in this collection were produced in small batches sparking interest of collectors from all over the world. We use a unique manufacturing process that allows us to transfer these vibrant designs onto our pipes in high resolution and keep the colors from fading over time.