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Genius in the Media


#2 most popular Gift of 2016 after Apple TV


“The Genius Pipe lives up to its name—and in more ways than one.”


“This pipe isn’t just smart – it’s Genius!”

The Hemponair

“Genius Pipe is a HOT item everyone is talking about”

Smoke and Vape Magazine 

“One of several new smoking devices to debut in the past year, the “genius pipe” has taken the lead.”

The Daily Beast

“If you are looking for the future of smoking, you’re probably searching for the Genius Pipe.”

Best Medical Marijuana Doctors

“The Genius pipe functions in a specific way so as to cancel out all harmful ingredients”

Weed Monster

“It doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out that the Genius Pipe is literally brilliant!”

Daily Leaf Deals

“Aptly Named Genius Pipe Is Sheer Genius”

Stoned Girls

“The Genius Pipe needs no cables, no batteries, no extra joints or adapters.”

Smoke Cartel

“Sometimes you really can have it all.”

Green Rush Daily

“We'd recommend the Genius Pipe to anyone looking for a unique, innovative and durable piece of smoking equipment.”

City Spliff

“The “coolest pipe…” claim can be confirmed on the first try.”

Mr Stinkys Green Garden

“Yet nobody is thinking ease of use when it comes to smoking devices, except for the team over at Genius Pipe.”

Naked Weed Report

“The unique design makes every hit taste amazing and won’t make you cough! It’s an absolute must if you want to smoke discreetly.”


“They don’t call it genius for nothing.”

Merry Jane

This one-of-a-kind pipe is a great present for the friend that loves science and hates coughing.

DOPE Magazine

 "Could this be the future of smoking?"

MG Magazine