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How do you determine if your Genius Pipe is Authentic?

Each Genius Pipe now comes with a unique scannable QR code installed inside.  

If your pipe does not have a scannable QR code, it not an Authentic Genius Pipe.

Once you register your pipe, each new owner receives their own product registration page!   We recommend you register your pipe as soon as you receive it. 

Why Should I Buy An Authentic Genius Pipe?


Genius Pipes are made with anodized aluminum - same material that is used for surgical instruments. Unlike any other metal pipes, nothing peels off of GeniusPipe. Cheaper pipes use cheaper metals which can be ingested and cause harm.

Weak Magnets

Imitation Pipes use weak magnets that do not hold your slider or pipe together properly.  Also, these magnets tend to fall out, leaving you with an in-operable pipe.

Saving < Better

While you may feel like you are saving money, what you are getting is a pipe that won't last and can possible make you sick.  Many years of research and development have gone into making the Genius Pipe the highest quality pipe on the market.

Where Can I Buy An Authentic Genius Pipe?