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Have Bong Will Travel...

Do you love your bong but hate to travel with it?

Problem Solved... 

Get the only WATER-FREE BONG on the market that you can "Toke" With You Wherever You Go!

Genius Pipe vs. Water Bong

The Genius Pipe has all of the same features as a Bong but without the water!!!

Make The Genius Pipe Part Of Your Cannabis Consumption Routine

And Thanks To Tommy Chong, Fans Can Get 10% Off Any Pipe From Our Classic Collection.  Just Use Code CHONG10 At Checkout!

High Expectations
Genius Gadget
Genius Pipe Top Secret Stealth With Black Slider
Genius Water-Free Dab Rig
Genius Weed Gadget
{LOADED} Water-Free Dab Rig

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