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Anyone who’s ever smoked has no doubt had the experience of violently coughing after inhaling the smoke. But what causes this to happen? We’ve got the facts for you.

The most obvious reason is that your lungs just aren’t designed to breathe in smoke. The smoke of any kind, including tobacco and other herbs, consists of microscopic stable, liquid particles. These things irritate the lungs and make it harder for your body to breathe. As a result, your brain signals to your lungs to start coughing to expel these foreign objects so that normal breathing can be restored.

This is where Genius can make the difference and protect your lungs better than most of conventional devices out there and deliver pleasurable, flavorful, cough free experience. The truly revolutionary waterless filter inside Genius will capture tar and resin particles. You will see it for yourself every time you slide your Genius pipe apart.


Magnetic sliding cover will protect from spilling and contain the smell. Keep it out on the open before the eyes of many and chances are no one will know what it is. Although, it could be a conversation starter. Slide'N'Smoke through the logo in the cover for the most efficient way to smoke.