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How Much Is A Genius Pipe?

It's not about how much it costs.

It's about what it's worth. It's about what it does!

You’ll Save More Than It Costs

Using the Genius Pipe's EVOLUTION Slider reduces smoking material consumption to a quarter of what you were previously consuming.

So if the average smoker spends between $650 and $2000 a year on smoking material, the Genius Pipe will save between $160 and $500 a year.

It quickly pays for itself. And then you keep saving month after month.

What The Genius Pipe Does

Don't compare Genius to cheap metal, glass, wood or ceramic pipes. These devices do not cool or filter smoke like a Genius.

Genius takes the place of other pipes that cost between $5 and $200.

Modern Style & Function

For those who want a clean, stylish modern way to smoke, prices range from $100-$400 for devices like the Puffco Peak, the DaVinci or Pax.

Genius Pipe provides the style, the cooling and filtering technology and portability of such devices, but without the hassle of batteries, cords, cartridges, failing microchips, etc.

And at $90, Genius offers a much more attractive price point.

The Takeaway

So don't ask how much. Ask what it can do for you. 

Now that's Genius!