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How Often Should You Change Your Pipe Screen?

Genius TruTaste screens are specifically designed to eliminate drawbacks to pipe screen use such as metallic taste and loose wires.

How Long Do Pipe Screens Last? 

Made from a surgical grade stainless steel, TruTaste screens have a higher melting point and larger diameter wire. For daily smokers, we recommend you change your pipe screen every 2 - 4 weeks but Genius TruTaste screens can last for up to 3 months.

TruTaste stainless steel pipe screens will maintain their integrity after multiple cleanings and uses and will never burn through or melt. Measured at .75" in diameter, TruTaste screens will fit both Genius Pipe and traditional pipe's perfectly and are super easy to remove.

Why Genius?

Our pipes lead the industry with our No Cough technology. They were designed to create the best smoking experience available. With our micro-vortice technology to remove tar and cool the smoke, and our surgical grade screens to better absorb heat, you can now get the truest taste from your herb and enjoy the moment.

Customer service is our number one priority and we provide 3-5 day delivery to make every order easy and convenient.

Genius TruTaste Screen come in 3 or 12 packs and can easily be ordered online.

Replacing The Pipe Screen On A Genius Pipe