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How To Genius

Genius Pipe is designed for maximum draw effect. This means that you can fill your lungs with smoke without unpleasant burning sensation or coughing.
Pipe smoking tips:
Exhale and then start slowly inhaling the smoke.
Air flows freely through the pipe so no extra suction effort is required.
Stop inhaling when you feel that your lungs are filled with sufficient amount of smoke.
Note that the smoke will be cooled to the room temperature so inexperienced smoker might inhale way more smoke than with a regular pipe. This extra smoke might cause coughing.
If this happens, try to inhale more slowly and in lesser amounts.
How to care for your Genius pipe:
This work of art pipe is made from highest grade aluminum which underwent special anodizing treatment in order to provide a cool and healthy experience every time you smoke it.
Genius is extremely durable and does not require any special care. Clean the bowl once in a few weeks with soft damp tissue. This incredible pipe is equipped with specially designed dimple surface for extreme cooling and tar prevention. Clean the inside surface once in a few months or as needed with a soft cloth moistened in 70% alcohol and then rinse the pipe with warm water. Please do not use any professional pipe cleaners. The harsh chemicals they contain may ruin the beautiful look of your pipe.


Genius cleaning is easy and fast! We took a one minute cleaning challenge and here's what we got...


No cable or battery needed. It doesn’t need water or ice or large size to perform. We removed all challenges from the user! It's just a 3-piece magnetic pocket pipe. It is pleasant to hold, easy to replace screen, easy to pack and cache the ash, and easy to smoke. And if it falls flat on the ground, your biggest challenge will be leaning down to pick it up and smoke.


Magnetic sliding cover will protect from spilling and contain the smell. Keep it out on the open before the eyes of many and chances are no one will know what it is. Although, it could be a conversation starter. Slide'N'Smoke through the logo in the cover for the most efficient way to smoke.


When you smoke Genius without the cover, we made sure that you don't lose it. :-)


Steel sliding cover is not only beautiful but also functional. Its corners fit perfectly into the bowl and can be used to cache the ash.


Accurately positioned two-tiered bowl is perfectly designed to hold standard 0.75” screen. Genius TruTaste Screen’s sturdiness, durability and shiny look complements the pipe’s performance.
We guarantee you are going to love our pipe!
If you don’t LOVE it - send it back for a full refund!