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Introducing Genius Mini Colors

Introducing Genius Mini Colors

The Perfect Way To Express Your Individuality

Pick your color and enjoy the affordable, portal Genius Color Mini wherever you go.  The Mini fits perfectly in your pocket or purse, offering unparalleled convenience and discretion.  Best of all, the Genius Mini can be cleaned inside and out in seconds.

Free party bowl with the purchase of genius color mini pipe

Fun Fact: Genius Pipe has been selected as the official tasting pipe of the Cannareps school to educate budtenders to recognize strains and terpene profiles while protecting their lungs from tar and heat.

Got Questions?

Why Is Genius Like A Water-Free Bong?

The Genius Pipe cools smoke and filters out tar more effectively then a water pipe, but it does it all without the smelly water, batteries, or electronics that fail.

How Does Genius Pipe Cool and Filter?

The Genius Pipe churns smoke through 2000 micro-vortices in its chamber.  Tar is trapped in the vortices or dimples.  When smoke reaches the mouthpiece, the tar has been removed and the smoke has been cooled to room temperature.

Patented Genius Technology was originally developed to cool gaming computers and nuclear plants.

How Does Genius Pipe Save Me Money?

The Genius EVOLUTION Slider saves money every day because there is NO waste.  It' pays for itself!  After drawing on the pipe, simply push the slider closed to instantly extinguish the bowl.  All of the precious flower that used to go up in smoke is preserved for your next sesh.  Genius!

The Genius EVOLUTION Slider also allows for pack and go portability and it's smell-proof!

How Do I Register My Genius Pipe?

Each authentic Genius Pipe 5.0 comes with a unique scannable QR code.  Activate your pipe's lifetime warranty and get FREE replacement screens.

1 - Scan Your Pipe's QR Code

2 - Enter Your Info

3 - Create Your Karma Account & Get FREE Stuff

Why Is Genius Easy To Clean?

Cleaning is fast, easy, and leaves your pipe looking like new.  Genius is the only pipe that can be throughly disinfected inside and out, in seconds.

1 - Separate the two main pieces, held together with powerful magnets

2 - Rub the inside surfaces with isopropyl alcohol

3 - Slap the two pieces back together and enjoy your fresh clean pipe!

How Do I Change The Screen On My Genius?

It's easy to change the screen:

1 - Open the pipe (separate the top and bottom).

2 - Push the screen out and remove it.

3 - Insert a new Genius TruTaste screen, make sure it fits tight.

You can also see a short video that shows how to remove and reinstall your screen: