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Increase Profits Selling Genius Pipe

Genius is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand, built around its flagship innovation, The Genius Pipe.

We're Different Than Other Vendors

Genius Pipe Wholesale Partners can receive a complete system to help you serve your customers, sell more and create a new profit center for your business.

Why Become An Wholesale Partner

New Profit Center

Increase Traffic

Increase Sales

What You Receive:

  • Innovative & Desirable Smoking Products
  • Accessories to increase average order value and return customers
  • Free marketing material and promotions
  • Dealer map listing
  • Social media content to drive sales
  • Sales training for all products (On-site, Zoom, or videos)

What our partners are saying:

“The material is perfect for our team and continued development for new hires too. Stores are selling these quickly... Your training visit is paying off :)” -- 42 Degrees Distribution

Sales Training

Genius provides fast, easy-to-grasp training on all Genius products. When sales teams are armed with product knowledge and can explain products with confidence, sales increase dramatically.  Genius offers training to suit your company needs, including onsite group training, Zoom-based team training, or our series of product-based training videos. 

Marketing Support & Material

Genius supplies authorized dealers with consumer-facing collateral like brochures, posters, display stands and in-store video sand more. Upon request, Genius will custom co-brand images and videos.


Genius will provide promotional opportunities throughout the year, like spin-to-win contests, giveaways and more. Genius regularly creates innovative marketing campaigns to drive customers to our dealer location sand participates in co-op ad buys.

Authorized Dealer Window Sticker

Genius provides you with an Authorized Dealer window sticker, so your customers know you’re an approved seller with access to the full line ofGenius lifestyle products. 

Spiff Program For Sales Teams

For larger accounts, Genius offers a Spiff Program, rewarding each sale with cash payments as well as valuable prizes for top salespeople. (See Spiff Program info sheet for details)

Free Content Portal

Authorized dealers get a link to our Authorized Dealer Portal full of free content to use on social or email campaigns. Use the easy link to access high-quality lifestyle and product content, including curated images and videos. Content is updated monthly, with seasonal images and promotions, which can be custom co-branded with your name or logo. 

Free Display Stand

When you become an Authorized Genius Dealer, you receive a free eye-catching display stand, or multiple stands depending upon order size. Genius metal display stands hold Genius Pipes in place via magnets, for a compelling and tactile presentation that draws attention and drives sales. 

A $75 value, these iconic stands are available free, for Authorized Dealers only.

Listing on Genius Store Locator Map

Authorized Dealers enjoy a listing on the store finder map on the popular Genius Pipe website. When customers search for the nearest place to purchase a Genius Pipe, your location pops up and customers can visit your store to purchase a Genius Pipe and other products you carry.

Exclusive Access To Exciting New Products

Authorized Dealers enjoy access to exciting new Genius Products before the general public and other sellers without an authorized relationship.

Impulse Purchase Items

Genius has curated low-cost impulse purchase items to keep near the checkout area to generate extra sales and profits.  Our TruTaste Screen or GeniusFresh Odor-eliminating spray hit the right price points to convert quickly and frequently, increasing your bottom line with wide margins.  The Genius smell-proof backpack, Genius Taster and Party bowl are great upsell items to further boost sales. 

Watch: How To Sell A Genius Pipe

24-Hour Sales Consultant Access

The Genius team is available any time, to help with product knowledge, and handling customer questions or issues.