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Genius Sponge (GK)


Cleaning is not something that most of us like to do. So we worked extra hard on coming up with a way to clean Genius Pipe that would be easy and quick.  A cleaning sponge especially designed for the Genius Pipe. The hardness level of the metallic mesh on top of the sponge is designed to be less than that of all the components of your Pipe to ensure that your Pipe doesn't get scratched by the sponge, but all the tar and dirt particles easily come off under just a slight bit of pressure applied on the sponge! We hope you'll enjoy both the process and the result!


    • Two Cleaning Sponges. Gold and Silver color.
    • Soft Metallic Mesh. Leaves no scratches on the Pipe or Slider
    • Can be used with regular soap and water! No alcohol required.
    • Lasts a long time through daily maintenance of your pipe.