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Genius Holiday Survival Kit

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Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, we all need a break from family and friends.  Survive The Holidays With Genius!

Whether at home or at work, having fun with friends, hiking alone, or spending time with family, wherever a Genius moment finds you – The Genius Survival Kit is the perfect gift for anyone ready to enjoy life to the fullest.

Genius Survival Kit carries everything you need to safely and discreetly smoke cannabis in one smell and water-resistant backpack.

The Survival Kit features a Genius Pipe that comes with a Lifetime warranty, as well as a great list of amazing accessories.

Accessory List:

  1. Genius Pipe is the jewel of the Genius collection. It is a versatile device that offers a unique smoking and vaping experience and can be disinfected 100% within seconds.  
  2. Genius Backpack is a must for anybody who consumes cannabis as you can conveniently fit all your accessories and consumables in one place that is drop-resistant, smell-resistant, water-resistant, portable, and sexy at the same time.
  3. EVOLUTION slider is packed with amazing features that increase airflow, provide easy access to the bowl, and make for easy packing.
  4. Genius Party Bowl provides a bigger bowl when smoking with friends or when you need just a little more to go around.
  5. Genius TruTaste™ Screens are essential for experiencing the true taste of cannabis, as each strain offers different flavors and effects. 
  6. G-Stone is another type of screen that is used to vape concentrates via the Genius Pipe.
  7. Genius Fresh 2oz spray will eliminate cannabis and any other undesired scent in your entire house or office with just a few puffs. 
  8. Genius Sponge is a non-abrasive cleaning sponge for your pipe, accessories, and just as much anything else!
  9. Genius Cleaner 1oz spray is non-flammable and keeps your pipe clean and sanitized.