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Hypnotic Genius


Look at the new Hypnotic Genius. Are you feeling sleepy, very sleepy? Our new Hypnotic Genius has joined the Limited collection and it'll put your friends in a trans.  A great conversation starter this pipe is not just a portable tool for a smoke on-the-go, but is the latest piece of Genius Technology.

Equipped with QR code, each pipe is registered to its owner linking you to a page you can share with your friends. Hypnotic Genius opens a new door to the Genius community. Still feeling sleepy? Get it while supplies last.

Limited Edition
Name: “Hypnotic Genius"
Release Date: 09/28/18
Version: 5.0

Includes: One Genius Tru Taste screen, Black EVOLUTION Slider, Original Genius Pouch. Ready-to-Use.