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Mystery Box

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For centuries, people on Earth have always wondered what’s in the box? Whether it’s judging the contents of your parent-packed lunch box in grade school, opening your mailbox, vigorously rotating the handle of pesky Jack-In-The-Box, or potentially causing the apocalypse by opening Pandora’s Box - when we have a closed container in our presence the mystery of what’s inside elicits emotions we simply can’t contain.

While smart people may worry about what’s inside the box, Genius people open the box knowing what’s inside is freaking awesome!!

Go Genius with our Genius Mystery Box Blowout Sale. For just $65, you don’t need to fear opening this box because what’s inside is gonna blow your mind.  Buy a Genius Mystery Box and you’re guaranteed to get a Genius pipe of our choice and a 3-Pack of Genius TruTaste Screens. But… the fun doesn’t stop there because we’re in a giving mood. We’ll be tossing in a random accessory or two in every box, so you never know what awaits you.

We’re confident you’ll be stoked with whatever Genius pipe you get. In fact, if you post an unboxing video on your social channels and tag us, you’ll get 10 Karma points!

While supplies last. Due to the tremendously deep discounts, there are no returns or refunds for this product.